Silverton bursting with pride over Barry Larkin's induction

SILVERTON, OH (FOX19) - Reds fans by car and bus load are heading to Cooperstown, PA to watch Barry Larkin's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame first hand.

The induction is a special treat for the residents of Silverton, a place Larkin used to call home.

Eunice Murphy, a retired teacher in Silverton says "I'm very proud of Barry Larkin."

Jeff Heidel who owns the Silverton Cafe says Larkin's dedication to baseball has paid off. "He worked hard as a young man and continued all the way through his whole career."

Shaz McCloud Thomas says she knew Larkin as a young boy. "A few x amount of years ago he was sitting in my kitchen eating peanut butter cookies that my sister used to make."

This morning Terry Metzler joined more than 100 other fans on charter buses bound for Cooperstown to watch the induction themselves. "Its a great opportunity. We've never been to Cooperstown. It's something we always said we were going to do for years and years and years, and we finally decided there couldn't be a better opportunity to go up there when we got a Red being inducted in the Hall of Fame and a chance to see the Hall of Fame at the same time."

Joel Pieper, with Provident Tours says, "We are spending the entire day tomorrow in Cooperstown so the fans can enjoy the quaint village and the Hall of Fame and all the hall of famers that are going to be there."

Larkin grew up in the village of Silverton where mayor John Smith says the soon to be hall of famer was a good guy.

"He's a regular guy, that's how his parents trained him to be regular guy. He's approachable. You can talk with him. You'll see him in the grocery store. You can talk with Barry. He's an approachable person. He's just a good guy, and again, we're extremely proud of Barry Larkin and his family. He's one of Silverton's favorite sons."

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