Lack of rain hurting local farmers this summer

Farmers have taken a major hit so far this summer due to the lack of rain.

"It's been probably a month, or a month in a half since we have had any amount of rain, anything over 2/10ths," said Bob Burwinkel, who works at Burwinkel Farms. "It's just enough to tease you."

It's been a tough summer so far for local farmers. The lack of rain is hurting crops and leaving farmers with no product to sell.

Burwinkel farm in Ross is open for business partly because they have an irrigation system. But running an irrigation system every day cost a lot of money.

This week the rain has come in the form of severe storms, with high winds, that's bad for crops.

"We got the rain but we also got the wind, so all the corn that had ears on it are flat now, so they are having to pick off the ground," said Kathy Burwinkel, owner of Burwinkel Farms.

So farmers are still hoping for a steady rain with no wind, but for now they'll take what mother nature will give them.

"Light rain all day is better, but we'll take it anyway it comes," said Burwinkel.

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