Colorado tragedy brings gun control debate to forefront

SHARONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - Gun supporters at the Target World shooting range in Sharonville said Monday that if patrons at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, had been able to carry their concealed weapon inside the theater that the situation would've ended much differently.

"That meant that the law abiding citizens were unarmed," said Jeff Mann, Target World's Assistant Manager.  "That means that the criminals by nature know that and can say 'Hey, here's targets of opportunity, these people don't have guns, I'm good to go.' Think about it, there were 300 people in that theater. Take 10 percent of that, that's 30 people. Say those 30 people were Concealed Carry owners and there was no sign. Now you've got 30 against one. Think about those odds."

On the other side, a seminar put on by the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence was held at the Duke Energy Center Monday.

"We should not have to wrestle with people about certain laws," insisted Eric Tait of CeaseFire Cincinnati. "Gun ownership, I think, is a person's privilege but I think there's a limit and boundaries that we should face and I think being able to get a gun at the drop of a hat, there should be more stringent laws on allowing people to do that."

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