Happy Tuesday!

It's time to gear up for another hot, hazy and humid afternoon!

Meteorologist Katy Morgan is saying that we can expect a few showers and thunderstorms to roll through the tri-state today with highs today hitting the low 90s.

For all of your current weather conditions and a complete seven-day forecast, be sure to check out Katy and Frank starting at 4 AM!

Prosecutors in the Colorado movie massacre trial are planning to speak with the victims and their families before deciding whether they should seek the death penalty for James Eagan Holmes. Holmes is accused of killing 12 people in a shocking mass shooting on the night of the premiere of the movie, The Dark Knight Rises. A formal sentencing is scheduled for next Monday.

The Kenton County Fiscal Court will be voting today on whether to add a fee to utility bills to pay for a consolidated 911 dispatch system. Cory Stark will be live this morning to tell you more about the possible partnership between dispatch and Duke Energy at 5 AM.

Here's some good news for all you cash carriers - Kroger is looking to give discounts to those who choose paper over plastic while paying for groceries. The food store giant is currently paying hundreds of millions in swipe fees every year! Rob Williams and Sheila Gray will have more information on when the program could be in effect.

A huge job fair will be happening in Florence today that is aimed at finding jobs for local veterans. Starting at 5:30, Brad Underwood will be live with the details on Hiring for Heroes.

Everyone loves a good coney, but we've got a recipe that isn't so traditional! Randy Lowe from Bender Meats will be in house at 8:15 to show you a delicious new twist on the Cincinnati classic! (My belly is growling just thinking about it!)

That wraps up your Tuesday morning headlines - be sure to tune in to FOX19 for these stories and much more!

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