Low Carb Confusion

Survey finds much confusion about low-carb diets

Although low-carb information seems to be everywhere, a new survey finds a lot of people interested in healthy eating don't even know what a carb is. A study designed by eDiets-dot-com to measure low-carb knowledge found that nearly a quarter of the respondents to the survey think a carb is a by-product of fat metabolism. Actually, carbs are organic compounds that supply body energy. More than a-third of those asked about the makeup of a meal consisting of a hamburger, fries and a medium soft drink said it has 500 carbs. Almost as many believed it has 200 carbs. The correct answer, given by only 19 percent, is 150 carbs.

To remedy this, eDiets is designating June as Low-Carb Awareness Month. It's made a variety of low carb information available on its Web site.