Peterson Case Starts Tuesday

Prosecutors: Laci Peterson's mother knew something wrong when Laci reported missing

Opening statements are under way in the murder trial of Scott Peterson, accused of killing his wife Laci and unborn son. Prosecutors in Redwood City, California, told jurors that the victim's mother knew something was "very seriously wrong" when her son-in-law told her his wife was missing. Jurors heard that Sharon Rocha was "in full panic mode" when she got the news from Scott Peterson, who had come back from a fishing trip.

The California Attorney General called the case a "slam dunk" when authorities arrested Peterson more than a year ago. But now, legal experts say the state has a challenge in making its case on circumstantial evidence -- and without a murder weapon, cause of death or eyewitness.

Defense attorney Mark Geragos says authorities unfairly targeted Peterson, ignoring important leads that didn't fit their theory.