Power outage offers a change of pace for kids

Power outage offers change of pace for kids

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Power outages linger in the Tri-state following strong storms Tuesday morning.

For one neighborhood in Hamilton Township, the outage offered kids home for the summer a change of pace.

"I like that this kind of gets them outside, gets them playing," neighborhood mom Tricia Meece said.

"We're used to technology," mother Angela McCoun said. "We're used to going all of the time and this forces the kids to get outside an play."

While some might assume kids of the 21st century would not know how to entertain themselves without a power boost, the kids on Terwilligers Run made out just fine.

"Well actually we do 'cause there's times we can't even watch TV," Madison McCoun said.

"It's so sad. It's tragic,"  neighborhood friends called out.

The girls spent part of the afternoon writing letters on paper then making them look like old parchment, a reminder of a time that has long since been eclipsed by the invention of computers.

"Well yeah, 'cause like we were bored out of our minds," Madison said.

Parents knew the novelty of a power-free afternoon would not last forever.

"My daughter is going to flip out because she can't play the iPad here in a minute because there's no internet connection,
Meece said. "And she's five."

Even the adults were anxious for power to come back on Tuesday.

"I miss the microwave, being able to cook, the lights in the bathroom and the sump pump," McCoun admitted.

"I think kids these days are stuck inside a lot and they're more dependent on video games, and TV," shared Meece. "I think this just has kids of a special feel to it. I don't care that the power's out right not, but again by bedtime we'll be over it."

Neighbors say power returned to the neighborhood sometime after three in the afternoon.

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