Save on Prescription Drugs

Seniors around the

are flashing their discount drug cards.
But here in the
one doctor says forget the card
has the answer to saving seniors "thousands" on their prescriptions. His name is
r. Emmett Hammond. He's been a pharmacist for 40 years. Now, in his retirement, all he wants to do is help people save thousands of dollars on prescription drugs. He knows his proposal sounds too good to be true but he and folks he's helped swear it is not.

"Everyone who comes to me is skeptical," says Hammond.

Over the phone
Dr. Emmett Hammond didn't tell Kathy McGlasson how much he could save her mother on prescription drugs because he knows it sounds too good to be true.

"She'd hang up the phone, I've had that happen, so I don't do that anymore," said Hammond.

But now that Kathy is in Hammond's office, she's becoming a believer.

"That would be wonderful, that would be wonderful," says McGlasson.


Her mother takes about 10 thousand dollars worth of prescription drugs a year.

"She's at the point now where she's had to cut back on her eating because she doesn't have the money to pay for it...and the drugs are more important to keep her alive," says McGlasson.

Hammond says he knows ways to cut those costs at least in half.

"It's so complicated," said Hammond.

Too complicated for every-day people like

athy to figure out alone. But
ammond knows drug companies and the discount programs they have. So for a one time fee of 10 percent of the savings hammond will fill out the paperwork
then teach
athy how to do it herself. Her potential savings
5 to 9 thousand dollars

Hammond says his best client was spending 6 thousand dollars per year on drugs. Now, the same medicine is just 300. Hammond's business is set up like a for-profit organization, but he isn't planning on making much money.

"Yes I could be charging more, and probably get it."

He's just planning on using his knowledge to help good people afford the medicine they need.

"I would much rather help folks like this, it's just more fulfilling and I know I can do it and do it well," said Hammond.

To contact

call 859 594 4624.