Blue Grass Ct. Rocks!

Blue Grass Ct...
We are very fortunate to live on a cul-de-sac with great neighbors.  We are a close-knit bunch who love to spend the afternoon talking in our yards.  Nothing gets done that first warm day, because we stand around for hours just catching up on what we have been doing all winter, and take at least 45 minutes to get the garbage out to the curb.  We seem to all go out at the same time so we can chat some more! 
Just like the days of the past, don't hesitate to ask to borrow a cup of sugar.  We all know we can borrow from each other.  We trade magazines and if we find a good deal on something at the grocery, we pick up a few extras for the rest of the folks. 
When new neighbors moved in, they said they felt a little overwhelmed by all the people stopping in to introduce themselves.
Halloween is the best of times on Blue Grass.  We fire up our grills, make chili and brownies.  The kids get candy, but the adults get supper. 
I can't imagine living anywhere else.