Investigators are determined to bring Paige Johnson home

KNOX COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - Authorities continue their search for a local missing woman.

Paige Johnson was 17-years-old when she disappeared nearly two years ago. Authorities say the investigation led them to Knox County last week in hopes of finding Johnson.

According to Kenton County Commonwealth attorney Rob Sanders, local officials searched in a wooded area just off of KY 229 near a farm outside Barbourville. Law enforcement cleared a large area of brush and overgrowth searching for anything resembling a shallow grave. A backhoe was used to did as deep as eight feet. No body was found.

Investigators dug an area about the size of an Olympic swimming pool during their search efforts but were not successful in finding Johnson. "There's absolutely no way Paige's body is where we were searching because it was very exhaustive in terms of effort put in to digging up that piece of property," said Sanders. While the lead wasn't accurate in the exact location, Sanders says he wouldn't rule out the possibility of Johnson's body being located in Knox County.

Sanders told FOX19 that he's grateful this lead will at least put the investigation in the public light again. "We haven't given up hope finding her," said Sanders. "It's probably a pretty long shot she's still alive at this point but one way or another we're going to bring Paige home."

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