Resignation A "Great Loss"

FBI Director Robert Mueller says George Tenet's resignation is a "great loss" to the CIA and the nation. Mueller said Tenet has constantly sought to bridge the gap between the CIA and FBI with the single goal of protecting the American public. He also stressed that because of Tenet's efforts, the two agencies are working more closely together, so they're better able to predict the threats the nation is facing.

George Tenet says he did it for his family -- "nothing more and nothing less." Tenet has announced his resignation as CIA director, effective next month.

President Bush got the news last night, and today called Tenet a "strong leader" who did a "superb" job for the nation. Tenet's seven years in office were marked by sharp criticism over intelligence lapses surrounding Nine-Eleven and Iraq. While the announcement was a surprise, he had not been expected to stay in the job much longer. A CIA official who asked not to be identified says Tenet told agency workers today that he was immensely proud that the spy agency is stronger now than when he took over seven years ago. T

enet's deputy will move up to acting director until a successor is named.