Father Stops Kidnapping Suspect

When he heard his 12 year-old daughter scream, Danny Swain dropped his fishing pole and ran to her aid.  He ended up running down and tackling a man who police say tried to kidnap his daughter.  It happened at 1055 Saint Clair Avenue at the Linden Lake Apartment Complex.  The family was in the back fishing in the lake when 12 year-old Josie Swain went looking for a set of car keys.  There in the grassy area, police say a strange man asked her if she had seen his dog.

"I said 'no' and I started walking back up the hill because I thought he was kind of creepy and then he ran up and grabbed me from behind and around my neck and around my waist.  He was about to put his hand over my mouth when I yelled," Josie told FOX19.

Her father and brother heard her cries and tackled the suspect.  They held him down until police arrived.

"It broke my heart because I knew he was going to do something horrific to her.  It was going to be horrible what he was going to do to her," says Danny Swain.

33 year-old Timothy Dick from Westchester is being held in the Butler County Jail on attempted kidnapping charges.  Police are investigating to see if Dick is connected to other kidnapping cases in Westchester, Madison and Fairfield Townships.

"He's a hero in my book. I felt it was the right thing for him to intervene and stop this person," says PIO Don Taylor with Hamilton Police.

Taylor says this is a reminder for parents to always keep an eye on their kids, even in areas that seem safe.