Lockland parents have concerns over ongoing enrollment scandal

LOCKLAND, OH (FOX19) - The Lockland school board has placed its longtime superintendent on paid administrative leave.

This comes amid allegations that low scoring students were marked as being withdrawn, which led to artificially higher state testing results.

An investigation by the Ohio Department of Education found that Lockland schools filed false attendance data for 36 students during the 2010-2011 school year.

As a result, Lockland is now labeled as an "at risk district."

The school board president says he thinks it's appropriate to place superintendent Donna Hubbard on leave while the board investigates the allegations.

Some parents in Lockland, like Rachelle Whitaker, are wondering when will it all end. Whitaker says she's starting to get angry.

"I wouldn't say infuriated yet, but I'm sure I could get to that point once I get the whole story," she said.

Whitaker's son is in kindergarten at Lockland, but now she says she has some reservations.

"It definitely makes me second think my son going here," she said,"

Jason Dickerson says he has some serious concerns.

"What is the quality of the education the kids are going to receive, and if these kinds of things are going on, is the parent-teacher-faculty relationship... I mean where is that at right now?" he said.

Ashley Schalck has two children in Lockland schools and says the allegations come as no surprise.

She says the controversy is hurting the town's good name.

"It's given it an awful reputation, an awful... people are not going to want to move down here because they'll think they can't send their children to a public school," she said.

Shannon Roberts has two young children, but she says she's keeping them out of Lockland schools.

"Their dad and I decided that home schooling would be best until we can get them into another district and with my little one I have enough time for them to straighten stuff out. She's only a year old," she said.

Wayne Poe lives right across the street from the school district administration building and says he supports Lockland schools.

"It's sad, but as I said it's one or two people, and the citizens around here should support the school. It is a good school with good people," he said.

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