Laci Peterson

Prosecutors try to establish when Laci Peterson died

It's a day off in the Laci Peterson murder trial, which resumes on Monday in Redwood City, California. Prosecutors yesterday tried to suggest a time of death, focusing on the clothing she wore during the last day that anyone besides her husband -- and alleged killer -- reported seeing her alive. The remains of Laci Peterson and her fetus were badly decomposed when they washed ashore in April 2003. Meanwhile, defense lawyers assailed what they characterize as a botched investigation that culminated in two murder charges against Scott Peterson. Prosecutors claim Peterson killed his pregnant wife in their Modesto home on or around Christmas Eve morning 2002, then drove her body to San Francisco Bay and dumped it from his small boat. Lawyers for Peterson, who says he was fishing that day, speculate that someone else abducted his wife and then framed him.