Cleves residents debate proposed liquor establishments near school

Cleves residents debate proposed liquor establishments near school

CLEVES, OH (FOX19) - After a Cleves zoning board meeting on Thursday evening, some citizens voiced concern with proposed developments near Three Rivers Schools.

The biggest concern was from residents who don't want a business that serves or sells liquor within 200 feet of the new school.

A developer would like to pass ordinances to build a strip center on Cooper Road and US 50.

However, the property is up against the new school being built, and there are concerns about liquor establishments in plain view of the students.

The Three Rivers School District says they are opposed to any business that serves liquor setting up shop in the new center.

The village mayor, Danny Stacy, says he would not be opposed to a restaurant being there, as long as a majority of their business came from food rather than alcoholic drinks.

Mike Cady, a resident of North Bend conveyed, "They want to add eight liquor licenses all down in that area when we've got restaurants and bars already in this town that aren't even making money."

On the other side, the mayor argued, "It's going to be very good for our village. Its going to help our economics that we have going on, our financial stuff that we have and I'm looking forward to it."

Mayor Stacy says there is a lot of misinformation in the community, including Cleves as a whole only has eight liquor licenses to hand out, and there are none available.

Any new business would have to apply for one directly to the state of Ohio liquor board.

While some see a new strip mall as progress for the Village of Cleves, others appeared to want to keep things just the way they are.

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