Ford Rollover

Ford ordered to pay 369 million to paralyzed woman in Explorer rollover

A San Diego jury has awarded nearly 370 million dollars to a woman paralyzed two years ago when her Ford Explorer rolled over. The award is one of the biggest ever against the Ford, which says it will appeal. Benetta Buell-Wilson says she lost control of her 1997 Explorer when she swerved to avoid an object in the road. The SUV rolled four-and-a-half times. Buell-Wilson is paralyzed from the waist down. After the verdict, Buell-Wilson offered to knock 100 million dollars off the damage award if Ford would fix the Explorer's design problems. Her lawyer says its center of gravity is too high. The company says that while the offer makes a great sound bite, it doesn't change the fact the Explorer meets or exceeds all federal safety standards.