Speakers, experts attract people to UFO conference

Speakers, experts attract people to UFO conference

One of the largest annual gatherings of UFO enthusiasts is taking place in the Tri-State this weekend, bringing together participants who claim to have had encounters with alien life, those who believe their stories and those who simply are curious.

The 42nd MUFON International Symposium is set for Friday.

The brochure says "We ask ourselves the ever contentious question, UFOs friend or foe? Do we know what they are and if they are not from here then where are they from and why are they here. Come and explore the mystery of the UFO enigma and be part of a world phenomena."

The Symposium will take place at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington, Kentucky. The event takes place on the weekend of August 3-5, 2012.

Organizers say they are anticipating a one of a kind experience and a unforgettable Symposium.

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