Massive OTR Fire

A fire ripped through a vacant apartment building in Over The Rhine Thursday night at 213 Wade Street.  Flames shot out of the roof fifteen feet in the air, the smoke could be seen from the downtown.  The top two floors collapsed.  Fifty firefighters battled the fire for about two hours until they had it under control.  District Chief Denny Clark says it was difficult to fight because of the narrow street, power lines, and the tall, older structure of the building.  They did not send any firefighters inside because it was too dangerous.

Bill Baum with Urban Sights owns the building and the two next to it.  He says they were beginning the process of renovating the buildings to make them into apartments, "Watching this just gives me a sick feeling."

Because the buildings are separated by brick walls, the fire did not spread.  No one was inside, so there were no injuries, but one firefighter did suffer minor injuries when hot ambers hit his back.  He did not go to the hospital.