Protesters stage demonstration at Westchester Chick Fil A

Protesters stage demonstrations at West Chester Chick-fil-a

The protests against Chick Fil A continue in the wake of what is being viewed as anti-gay comments by Don Cathy, the company's president.

About a dozen protesters staged a demonstration Saturday in front of the Westchester Chick Fil A.

Adam Hoover, who describes himself as Christian, American and Gay, says demonstrations are going on around the country. "This is what the country is founded on, standing up for our rights as a person and I feel if we don't stand up for our rights we're never going to get them."

Hoover and his fellow protesters see Don Cathy's comments as bigoted.  When asked by FOX19 if Cathy has the same freedom of speech as the protesters, Hoover said. "Freedom of speech is OK as long as you don't start taking your corporation's backing of their money and funds and stuff to use it against people that come to your place to eat. Its like we're going in and spending our money and they're using it to push hate against us."

As the protest continued in the August heat a Chick Fil A employee brought out some cold drinks for the protesters. Hoover said. "I don't blame any managers. I don't blame employees. The people that work here...its not their fault. I think it was the CEO's negative comments that have arised conflicts on both sides."

There was a counter protest of sorts by a man pulling a trailer with a sign reading "Repent" behind his pick-up truck while gospel music played over a loud speaker.  Hoover says it didn't bother him. "Maybe someday he'll meet a gay person or he'll have a niece, a nephew or a son, daughter or somebody that he knows that's gay and then he'll realize that what he's saying and what hate he's pushing on us its not right."