Do Downtown Recipes from Jeff Ruby's Chef Sean Kagy

Sauce Béarnaise
Egg Yolk   10 each
Chardonnay    1 ounce
Tarragon Vinegar   2 ounces
Clarified Butter (Warm)  32 ounces
Tarragon Reduction 1/3 cup
Lemon Juice   To Taste
Crystal Hot Sauce  To Taste
Kosher Salt   to Taste

 Place a small pot of water filled about half way on stovetop at medium heat. Have a mixing bowl that sets on top of the pot and place your egg yolk and chardonnay in the bowl. Begin to temper the eggs over the water with a piano wire whisk, but make sure bowl is not touching the water.  While whisking the eggs will start to cook and thicken, you want the eggs to form a figure eight on top before it disappears. At that time pull off of the water and begin to whisk the clarified butter at a steady consistent pace without adding too quickly. Once it has emulsified begin to add the rest of the ingredients. Store at room temp no longer than 2 hours and dispose of it after that it cannot be kept in the refrigerator.
Tarragon Reduction
Tarragon, dry   1c
Shallots, fine dice  2 T
Garlic, fresh chopped  1 teaspoon
Pepper, black ground  1 teaspoon
Tarragon Vinegar  3/4c
Red Wine Vinegar  3/4c
Place all ingredients in a steel pot, bring to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer; cook until consistency of wet sand (should only be a little bit of liquid left).
Veal Stock
Veal Bones    5 # 
Onion, yellow   1.5 ea
Carrots    1.5 ea
Celery     6 stalks
Leeks, green part only  1 ea
Tomato Paste   12oz
Red Wine    4 cups
Fresh Bay Leaves   2 ea
Parsley, stems only   1 bu
Fresh Thyme   .5 oz
Black Peppercorns   2 teaspoons
Water or Remi   3.5-5 gal
- Roast the veal bones until brown
- Wash but do not peel carrots and onions
- Chop the carrot and onion into large pieces
- Caramelize the onion and carrot in saute' pans
- Chop the celery and leeks into large pieces
- Deglaze the bones and onion/carrot with the red wine and scrape the pans to get all the yummy brown bits
- Place all ingredients and scrapings and deglazings into a large stock pot or kettle and bring to a boil
- Reduce heat to just a bubble and cook for 18-24hours
- Strain through a chinoise
- Place strained stock in another pot and reduce to desired thickness.
- Save the bones and all the bits put back into pan refill with water and bring to boil, reduce heat to a bubble and cook for 10-12 more hours
- Strain through a chinoise