Bathroom Attendants

Not quite cafe society, but bathroom attendants add glitz

Restaurants and clubs aren't stopping at food and drink when it comes to impressing customers. In a throwback to the days of big bands and hatcheck stands, bathroom attendants are back. Dan Cronican, co-owner of the Pavilion restaurant and dance club in Cincinnati, says it's a way of making people feel special and getting an edge on other establishments. Scott Sheridan, co-owner of Cincinnati's trendy Club Clau, says it's old-school and classy. Chazz Ward started Black Tie Services in Florence, Kentucky, five years ago. Ray Browne, a retired professor at Bowling Green State University, has studied popular culture for decades. He says bathroom attendants used to be confined to expensive, upscale spots, but now they're becoming more common. He says it's part of a new atmosphere.