Fresh Mozzarella, cucumber, summer corn vinaigrette from Nicholson's

Fresh Mozzarella, cucumber, summer corn vinaigrette
1 ball fresh burratta (fresh mozzarella filled with ricotta)
1 cucumber diced
Corn Vinaigrette
2 ears of corn shucked
8 oz water
1TB Dijon mustard
¼ oz white balsamic
½ oz olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Cook the corn with cobs in water until corn is tender. Place corn in a blender with 1oz water, add the vinegar and blend until the corn puree is smooth. Strain the corn liquid through a fine meshed strainer. Then in a bowl add the corn puree and whisk in the Dijon then whisk in the olive oil.
To plate
Cut the burratta in half and salt and pepper each half, add the corn vinaigrette to your favorite green and toss in some chopped cucumber.  Place the greens next to the burratta and serve immediately.