Kenton Co. parents upset with school field trip policy

Kenton Co. parents upset with school field trip policy

KENTON COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - There's a field trip feud in Kenton County.

The principal at Twenhofel Middle School says there will be no overnight field trips this year.

That means the school's archery team and choir won't be allowed to represent the school at the national and world championships in Orlando, Florida later this year.

Principal Shannon Gross says he's not allowing any overnight field trips for now because he's new to the job and doesn't know the students or the parents.

Some parents, like Amanda Kremer say it's a matter of trust, and trust is a two way street.

"Our question is you don't trust us, but you expect us to trust you. It's like we're guilty before even starting the school year," said Kremer.

Steve Spina is parent who asks the same question.

"They're asking us to trust our children in his presence, in his care during the school day, but he's questioning our ability to be parents on a field trip that we will attend our students on," said Spina.

Spina's daughter, Olivia, is on the school's archery team, which has qualified to compete in the world archery tournament to be held in Orlando in October.

He says the principal's decision is hard to swallow.

"The kids are very frustrated, they're very upset, they're very disappointed as well  and now the school board and the school itself are denying these kids the opportunity to be their best," he said.

Kremer says the decision is punishing the children. "I feel its unfair to our kids. They're being penalized due to a new principal not feeling comfortable."

Kremer has two daughters in the school chorus, and she says the principal is not supporting them in their achievements.

In our commitment to balanced news, we spoke to Kenton County school superintendent, Terri Cox-Cruey to get her side of the story.

"He and the site-based counsel had a conversation, and they determined that it was not something that he was ready to approve to send children to Florida," said Cox-Cruey. "That he didn't feel that he knew apparently the parties well enough to make a decision like that."

Spina and Kremer say they're going to take their children on the field trips, but they would prefer to do it with the school's blessing.

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