State commission talks potential cuts for Monroe School District

MONROE, OH (FOX19) - The Monroe School District tax levy failed by 41 votes.

On Wednesday, the State Oversight Commission met with the community and school district officials, telling them the importance of passing a levy in November.

"It was promising that it didn't go down by a lot, but it was disheartening," said Superintendent, Dr. Elizabeth Lolli.

The State Oversight Commission outlined potential areas it could cut, including athletics, extra curricular activities and transportation.

"We are very close right now to the minimum standards," said Lolli. "I take pride in staffing very closely to the mark, and we just had an initial report, and we are very close to minimum standards. There's not much left to cut there."

The same five-year, 7.05 mil tax levy will be on the ballot in November. The tax would generate $2.5 million per year for the district.

Those who voted 'no' for the levy say the district needs to control spending.

"I think we will vote yes sooner or later but they are going to need to tell us what's going on," said David Combs, a life-long Monroe resident. "If they will be honest with the community, the community will vote it in."

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