Local gamers react to Columbus teen's Xbox marathon

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Tri-state gamers were shocked to hear about the Columbus teen taken to the hospital after four straight days of gaming.

The 15-year-old boy collapsed Tuesday after becoming dehydrated while playing a non-stop game of Modern Warfare 3.

Most gamers have racked up at least a few hours of non-stop play.

"I'd say probably about four to five hours," Emmanuel Hill shared as he took a break from playing Xbox football at Roxx Café in Clifton.

"I want to say nine hours," fellow gamer Dylan Wallace guessed.

Four days, however, takes gaming to a whole new level.

"That's painful," Mark Samaan said.

"It's been four days dude. It's time to do something else," urged Wallace.

"Wow. Four days straight?" Hill questioned. "Yeah, he needs to be banned for life. He needs to be banned for life because if he takes it to college he won't get his work done."

"Oh wow, I don't do it to a dangerous level I don't think," Ann Carson said. "Excessive maybe, not dangerous."

Most gamers can remember their mom putting a stop to any mini-marathon while in their teens.

"Plenty of times. 'OK, it's time to get outside. It's time to make some friends'," Wallace recalled.

"She'd be like 'E get off the game. Come eat dinner. Come do this.' I'd be like 'Mom, not right now I'm in my Dynasty mode'. 'Cause when I'm in my Dynasty mode I'm focused," Hill emphasized.

When a fifteen-year-old is focused, Hill knows how hard it can be to get them away from their gaming console.

"He might hear you but it's going out the other ear," Hill said. "So it's pointless, basically."

Hill knows that leaves parents with limited options.

"You've got to unplug it," Hill said. "You've got to just go in the back and unplug it."

They say marathon gaming is a relatively new phenomenon.

"Long term gaming I don't think really came into play until the 90's with the likes of Mario 3 and some of the longer based games," Curtis Ryan said.

Ryan said his first game would not have been four-day worthy. "That would be Pacman," Ryan said with a laugh.

Gamers say it is one thing to climb the levels, but you have to know your limits.

"If you take it to extremes it's not exactly going to be good for you," Ryan said. "Moderation is the key."

"I feel like there's a point you've got to draw a line and say this is unhealthy," Samaan argued.

"I'd say, personally, when you start feeling hungry … stop," Ryan said. "[There's a] lovely thing called the pause button."

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