Cicada Song

Cicadas hum along while people try to cut their grass

If you think the constant buzzing of cicadas sounds sort of like a lawn mower, you're right. And they think so, too. People trying to cut their grass in areas hit hard by the 17-year swarms are finding power tools act as magnets for the active bugs. Derrick Baker of Cincinnati outfitted himself with sweatpants, winter gloves and even a poncho to avoid being covered while mowing the yard.

Cicada expert Gene Kritsky, a biologist professor at Mount Saint Joseph College, says there's a good reason cicadas are attracted to mowers, trimmers and chainsaws. Their sound is the same frequency as a cicada's when it's trying to attract a mate. Kritsky says working earlier in the day when it's cooler is the best way to minimize their presence. Or let the grass grow: they'll be gone by the end of the month.