Police: Teen rescued after being kidnapped, raped

Demetrius Price (source: Hamilton County Justice Center)
Demetrius Price (source: Hamilton County Justice Center)
Orlando Crawford (source: Hamilton County Justice Center)
Orlando Crawford (source: Hamilton County Justice Center)
Pierre Beal (source: Hamilton County Justice Center)
Pierre Beal (source: Hamilton County Justice Center)

LINCOLN HEIGHTS, OH (FOX19) - A 17-year-old teen was rescued by police Thursday night after police say she was kidnapped by three men and raped.

Police say they initially received a 911 call from the teen's boyfriend in Sharonville alleging a girl had been abducted from the Lockland area Wednesday evening.

According to Henry Dawkins, Lincoln Heights Vice Commander, the teen had initially gotten into a car with the suspects willingly Wednesday night thinking she was getting a ride home. Dawkins says the suspects instead drove her to Matthews Drive in Lincoln Heights.  Police say the girl knew at least one of the suspects who allegedly abducted her.

Police say Lincoln Heights and Woodlawn police were able to locate the general area where the teen had been taken by tracing her cell phone. They then called the phone to determine the exact location of the teen.

Police say it took more than 20 minutes to get all subjects in the home to surrender.

Dawkins says the girl stated she had been brought to the house against her will and raped early Thursday morning around 5 a.m. by one of the suspects. Dawkins says the teen alleged she was prevented from leaving the residence on multiple occasions.

During a search of the home Thursday night, police found three loaded semi-automatic pistols. According to court documents, the guns were hidden in the bathroom furnace closet with several boxes of bullets for the guns.

"For us to get three guns off the street that's not supposed to be in certain individual's hands, particularly convicted felons, that means a big deal not just for the police department but the community in itself," Dawkins said.

Police discovered one of the guns had been stolen from a Sharonville home invasion.

"Some of these guys think they can get away with one and it will end up coming back and getting them," Dawkins said. "Not saying that they were actually involved with the home invasion that happened in Sharonville, but they do have a piece of it."

Dawkins says they also found drug paraphernalia at the residence.

"It took them a while to come out of the house so we believe the narcotics was destroyed in the process of them not coming out when we asked them to," Dawkins said.

Police confirm that Price and Crawford are convicted felons.

Demetrius Price, a convicted felon for drug possession, was charged with "Complicity" and "Weapon while under Disability". Pierre Beal, formerly convicted for misdemeanor drug possession, was similarly charged with Complicity and Weapon while under Disability.

According to court documents, Orlando Crawford is being charged with rape and having a weapon while under disability.  Police say Crawford has a prior record of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated robbery as well as Weapons under Disability. According to victim statements, Crawford had a gun on his person when he forced the teen to have oral sex on him. The documents state the victim "felt threaten[ed] for her safety and that she didn't have a choice but to have oral sex on the subject due to the subject having a gun on him and the other subjects also having guns on their persons."

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