Walnut Hills Murder

24 year old Walter Gilliam didn't stand a chance against his attacker. Witnesses tell FOX 19 a man about the same age and race as Gilliam simply walked up to his victim, pointed a gun at him, and fired twice at close range. Several witnesses to the incident on Buena Vista Place in Walnut Hills say the gunman was a black male with a black shirt or mask covering his face. The shooting happened in broad daylight around 11:30 a.m. Monday with numerous people standing in the vicinity. Walter Gilliam died from a head and arm wound some 5 hours later at University Hospital in Cincinnati. Gilliam has a 2001 conviction for dealing cocaine and another cocaine charge pending in Hamilton County court. Neighbors say they're accustomed to an occasional shooting but never, they say, one so bold. At last report investigators were still searching for the gunman.