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Babies Learn to Survive in Water

At least eleven children drown every day in the United States. Keeping a constant eye on your kids while they're around water is a must, but some parents are taking an extra step by enrolling in special swim lessons. Starting at the age of six months old, babies learn to roll over, catch a breath, swim toward safety, and repeat.

"It's just amazing to see them swim, I mean, my two year old jumps off the diving board and swims over like it's nothing, and it's really rewarding to see them do that," says parent, Michelle Grau.

Teaching children not to panic is an important lesson. Instructor, Kim Magella, says it's the combined behavioral science of operant conditioning with the child's sensory motor learning skills, "So if they were to accidently fall in, they're learning that water in their face means I need to roll over and float. So they're learning the difference between water on their face and air on their face."

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