Defendants sentenced in beating death of Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson
Bryan Stevenson

LOUISVILLE, KY (FOX19) - Three of four men were sentenced, charged in the beating death of a northern Kentucky man during Memorial Day weekend in 2010.

Bryan Stevenson, 26, a graduate of Scott High School, was in Louisville for a softball tournament when the incident occurred.

He was killed after a fight broke out in the parking lot of Barbara Lee's Kitchen in Louisville.

Both Justin Werner and Donald Hayes were each given five years probation.

David Pryor received twelve months probation, which was deemed already served.

Murder charges against the three were dropped to assault under extreme emotional disturbance.

The change came because the Commonwealth could prove Bryan Stevenson died from blunt force trauma, but not how that happened or who was directly responsible.

William Schindler, the fourth person originally charged, was found not to have been a part in the fight that happened on May 30, 2010. He will be sentenced at a later date for minor drug charges that he received during the arrest.

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