GOP & Dems offer differing views of Portman as VP

The political rumor mill is in high gear with speculation on who Mitt Romney will tap to be his running mate.

A lot of that speculation here in the Buckeye state is leaning towards Ohio Senator, Rob Portman.

In FOX19's commitment to balanced news, we tell you what Republicans and Democrats are saying about Portman as a vice presidential candidate.

There are plenty of reasons why Ohio Republicans like Rob Portman as a vice presidential nominee, and it's for those same reasons some Democrats aren't impressed.

Hamilton County Democratic Party chairman, Tim Burke says, "I don't think Portman helps Romney. I certainly don't think it helps him win Ohio which is critical to him because Romney cannot become president without winning the state of Ohio".

Burke says, for one thing, Portman is a virtual mirror image of Mitt Romney. "He is so much like Mitt Romney that its hard for me to see what he brings to the ticket".

Xavier University political science professor, Mack Mariani, says Portman also gives his critics plenty of ammunition from his service under the first president Bush. "There would be a lot of talk about his work as OMB director and as trade representative".

However, Mariani says the experts are also looking at Portman's strengths as a potential edge for the GOP. "One of the things the Romney camp has to look at is, can Portman help carry Ohio, and if he can do that he's probably the best nominee".

Republican Cincinnati City Councilman, Charlie Winburn, says he's a Portman fan. "U.S. Senator, Rob Portman, he is really a class act. He is really a dynamite man and believe it or not everybody loves him. Democrats love Rob Portman".

Well, not all Democrats.

Tim Burke says, "I don't think Rob Portman as the vice presidential candidate does very much at all. I do not believe he delivers Ohio because I'm convinced Obama is going to carry Ohio".

Yet, plenty of Ohio Republicans disagree.

Hamilton County Young Republican President, Charlie Norman says, "People understand he has a good grasp of the issues, particularly budget issues. Rob can bring people together from all sides of the republican party. I think he's attractive to independents just because of his experience, his demeanor. I think he brings a lot to the table".

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