Harrison city leaders ask for complaints on streets

Harrison City Council asks residents to complain about road conditions

HARRISON, OH (FOX19) - Harrison City Council is asking residents to come to City Hall to complain and bring everyone on the street with them.

This is how Harrison gathers information on how bad the street conditions are in the city and helps officials secure government grants for the repairs. "The people that have come in, they weren't kidding, their streets were pretty bad," said Harrison Mayor Joel McGuire.

The damages range from mild, with vegetation sprouting up through the asphalt, to severe like the pavement of Miller Court. "All this is caving in right here," said resident Bob Lowe about the road in the cul-de-sac. "From here to about 30 feet across it drops maybe five and a half, six inches. And once it starts to rain all we have is one big puddle of water out here."

Lowe and his neighbors have been to city council and brought pictures of the flooding with them.

Road crews contracted by the city have visited Miller Court in the past but Lowe says it doesn't do any good. "They just come out here and you can see where they just come out here and start to throw a little blacktop in there but that's not getting the job done for us," said Lowe. "The winter comes along the water lays there and freezes and you can't even drive up and down the street."

Fresh patch work can be found on some Harrison streets and the mayor said it pays to speak up. "The people that show up to tell us about their streets, a lot of times, we'll do their streets because they showed up," said McGuire.

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