Teens jump Cincy man because they were bored

COLLEGE HILL (FOX19) - A man is beat up in North College Hill by four teen boys who say they did it because they were 'bored'.

According to police, officers were on another run when they stumbled upon a large group of people gathering at Dallas and Simpson.

It was then that officers say they saw the victim, 45-year-old Pat Mahaney, covered in blood and struggling to maintain his balance.

Members of the crowd told police Mahaney had been jumped by six teenage boys.

Residents told officers they knew four of the boys involved. The boys, who are 13 and 14 years old, were arrested at their homes and taken in for questioning.

When police asked the boys why they beat Mahaney up, they stated they were bored and just looking for something to do.

According to police, the boys punched Mahaney in the back of the head, which caused him to fall to the ground.

Once Mahaney was on the ground, the boys told police they punched and kicked him in the head repeatedly.

The officers say one of the boys hit Mahaney in the head will a full beer can.

According to police, the boys only stopped hitting Mahaney after a neighbor saw them and threatened to call police.

The juveniles are charged with Aggravated Riot and Felonious Assault.  They were taken to a juvenile center.

Mahaney's family members say he will be hospitalized for a few more days because he has internal injuries.

The teens told police Mahaney did nothing to provoke the attack.

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