Dozens protest at Ryan's speech at Miami University

Dozens protest at Ryan's speech at Miami University

OXFORD, OH (FOX19) - More than two dozen protestors showed up to Congressman Paul Ryan's first public speech to Ohio voters.

The Republican Wisconsin Representative used his alma mater, Miami University, as a backdrop to discuss his personal memories of Miami and the Obama administration's agenda.

But not every Miami student is on board with the Romney Ryan campaign.

"His budget plan will really hurt Pell grants, student loans and how much debt college students will have when they leave college and also their ability to go to college in the first place," said Miami student and Obama supporter Daniel Otto.

Local democratic leaders say Romney's pick in Ryan makes 2012 a choice election.

"I think he is going to drive the Republican ticket farther to the right," said Hamilton County Democratic Chairman Tim Burke.

"We can continue with the progress of the Obama administration or frankly we can see the social safety net entirely eroded and the Paul Ryan budget adopted as national policy."

Former Cincinnati Mayor and talk-show host Jerry Springer is also concerned about Ryan's budget.

"Paul Ryan has a very clear plan of what he wants to do which is basically cut, cut, cut and that includes do away with Medicare as we currently know it," said Springer.

"If Obama wins Ohio, he wins the election. It is almost inconceivable that he would win Ohio and still lose."

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