Money, money, mon-ay!

Good morning!

We're only one day shy from starting the weekend and that, my friends, is always a great feeling!

Meteorologist Katy Morgan is saying that our Thursday forecast will consist of partly cloudy skies and highs hitting 90°. We do have a slight chance for a shower or two, but those won't roll in until later on this evening.

For more details on your current weather conditions and weekend forecast, check out Katy and Frank all morning long starting at 4 a.m.!

FOX19 crews along with police are currently at the scene of an overnight robbery at the Quality Inn Suites on Montgomery Road. Dan Wells will be joining us live at 4:30 a.m. from Norwood with the inside scoop.

Cincinnati Police are still searching for a missing 11-year-old boy. DeVonte Banks was last seen leaving 226 Mohawk Street around midnight on Wednesday. From there, police think he ran into the woods. If you have any information on Banks' whereabouts, please call Police Dispatch at 513-765-1212 or CrimeStoppers at 513-352-3040.

Some parents coming into the Tri-State are probably feeling a mixture of emotions this morning as Xavier and Miami students both make the move to campus. Brad Underwood will be live with more information at 5.

Speaking of Miami University, did you hear about this? Dozens of protestors showed up at Congressman Paul Ryan's alma mater last night for his first public speech to Ohio voters. Rob Williams and Tracey Johnson will give you the full overview of last night's campaign stop during our 6 a.m. hour.

Someone out there woke up $320 million richer this morning after the winning Powerball ticket was sold in Michigan. If you did purchase a ticket, you still have a chance -  tickets matching five of the numbers were sold in Kentucky and Indiana so be sure to double check! The winning numbers are 06-27-46-51-56 and the Powerball is 21.

If you were out at the Reds game last night, you got to witness Todd Frazier hit one heck of a homerun! A whopping 474-foot homer to center field was one of the longest hits in the MLB this year and in GABP history! Frazier, Rolen and Bruce all homered in last night's 6-1 win over the Mets.

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited we are to be starting up the FOX19 weekend newscast! Beginning at 8 a.m. this Saturday, you can join Dan Wells, Katy Morgan and Jessica Brown for your news making headlines on Saturday and Sunday mornings. To meet our newest family member, Jessica, be sure to tune-in during the Morning Xtra at 9 a.m.