2 women charged for dancing partially nude at restaurant

Two women are facing charges after police say they were partially nude at a restaurant and bar in Blanchester.

Blanchester Police say they began taking calls on Monday about sexually suggestive entertainment at Ron's Place on S. Broadway Street on Aug. 11. Sources told police that photos of the performances could be found on the world wide web, but police were unable to find anything.

On Tuesday, a citizen came forward with photographs and a video of the performances. The photos depict numerous topless women engaged in a sexually suggestive performance, as well as one woman exposing her buttocks. The faces of two women were discernable and the video clearly depicts the interior of Ron's Place.

A confidential informant was able to identify one of the women as a bar employee, Julie Gannon, 41, of Wilmington. Officers tried to interview Gannon, but she refused to cooperate and was provided legal counsel by the bar owner. She has been charged with disorderly conduct, alleging that she caused alarm to others by making an offensive display in a public place, specifically by exposing her breasts.

An anonymous person contacted police alleging that the second woman in the photos was Amie Richard, aka Amie Masten. Police searched BMV and booking records and found a photo of Richard, 27, and determined that she is the same woman in the photos, topless and exposing her buttocks. She is currently on probation in Clinton County. Officers tracked her to several addresses and learned she is homeless. A warrant has been issued for one count of public indecency, alleging that she exposed her buttocks at a time and place where it was likely to offend others.

Ohio's Public Indecency statute prohibits exposing one's private parts in a public setting. The Ohio Liquor Control Rules prohibit nudity, including the exposure of the female nipple, in liquor permit establishments. This is an administrative fraction that can only be enforced by Ohio Liquor Control Agents. Blanchester Police are submitting a copy of their investigation with a request that they bring forth citations.

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