Private busing once again an option in Lakota

Private busing once again an option in Lakota Schools

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - When the Lakota School District cut busing for thousands of students, The Lakota Busing Service company stepped up to help. But the first year was a bumpy ride for the company; this year they say they have those problems fixed.

"We are trying to be more prepared the first few days this year," said Troy Evans, owner of LBS Busing.  "Last year because of our time frame and how all this came to ahead we didn't have that opportunity."

The private busing company temporarily suspended bus service after the first day of school last year for what they called "less than adequate" service.

"We are offering service to all the schools in the district, unlike last year when we had to peel back some of those schools," said Evans. "That has been the focus this year. We just want everyone to know that the service is there and that we are reliable and we're safe first and foremost."

The service cost about $20 per week for each student. This year the company has more than 1,000 students enrolled and has more buses in it's fleet to accommodate for the more schools served.

The company is still taking enrollment for students. Call (513) 847-1192.

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