Tri-State gets federal funding for road projects

WASHINGTON, DC (FOX19) - The Obama administration is making nearly half a billion dollars in unspent highway funds available to states that promise to use the money to create jobs and improve transportation.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced Friday that more than $470 million will be made available immediately for projects such as repairing crumbling roads and bridges.

Ohio was granted $12,536,823.13, Kentucky $17,518,853.15 and Indiana $4,781,202.32.

Effective Friday, state departments of transportation will have the ability to use their unspent earmarked highway funds, some of which are nearly 10 years old, on any eligible highway, transit, passenger rail, or port project.

States must identify the projects they plan to use the funds for by Oct. 1, and must obligate them by Dec. 31, 2012.

The move is part of President Barack Obama's election-year effort to sidestep Congress with programs which Obama says will create jobs. Obama has adopted the slogan "We Can't Wait" to contrast his efforts with congressional Republicans, who have balked at many of his plans.

The highway money originally was allocated from 2003 to 2006.

A list of available funds by state can be accessed be clicking here.

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