Pres. Obama campaigns in Ohio Tuesday

OVER THE RHINE, OH (FOX19) - President Barack Obama will also launch a two-day "education swing" when he visits Capital University at 1 p.m. Tuesday in Columbus.

During Tuesday's speech, the President took aim at aspects of the Republican budget proposals besides the hot topic of Medicare. The president compared his record on education, particularly higher education, with budget proposals and statements from the presumptive Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan.

During a speech at his alma mater Miami University last week, Ryan blamed Obama for rising college costs and employment troubles for recent college graduates, then said the president is "out of ideas and that is why his campaign is based on anger and division."

For some perspective on how important Ohio is in the upcoming election. FOX19  has compiled a list of high profile visits to the state just since July 3:

  • July 3: Pres. Barack Obama in northern Ohio
  • July 16: Pres. Barack Obama in Cincinnati
  • July 18: Gov. Mitt Romney in Bowling Green
  • July 19: Vice Pres. Joe Biden in Columbus
  • July 24: First Lady Michelle Obama in Dayton/Columbus
  • August 1: Pres. Barack Obama in Mansfield/Akron
  • August 14: Gov. Mitt Romney in Bealsville, Zanesville and Chilicothe
  • August 15: Rep. Paul Ryan in Oxford
  • August 16: Rep. Paul Ryan in North Canton
  • August 21: Pres. Barack Obama in Columbus

The Obama/Biden campaign is opening a new office in Over-the-Rhine at 1130 Main Street.

The campaign says the site will open on Thursday night and be a location where officials will make calls and plan the outreach that will help President Obama and other Democrats win this fall.

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