New bus stop honors girl killed in Westwood

WESTWOOD, OH (FOX19) - The owners of Lafeuille Apartments in Westwood are ensuring the safety of every student waiting for the bus.

In March, 9-year-old Tyala Frazier was hit and killed crossing the street while waiting for the bus.

"Just a horribly sad day, there was obviously a lot of emotion, she was a sweet kid," said Todd Lowry, a maintenance man for the apartment complex.

The bus stop at the corner of Lafeuille and Westbrook was notorious for speeders ignoring the posted 25 mph speed limit signs. The corner is now a four-way stop with signs on both sides of the road for drivers to clearly see.

But students will no longer wait on the side of the street. The apartment complex built a sheltered bus stop in memory of Frazier within the property. Buses now have a one-way loop to drive through in the parking lot to safely pick up students for school.

"I think the community feels a little bit more safe knowing that it's on the inside versus being on the outside," said Courtney Wicks, an employee for Lafeuille Apartments.

Parents are welcoming the shelter and feel more secure with the new location and structure.

"Some people don't stop at the stop sign and I don't feel that's safe at all," said mother of two Jasmine Thomas.

"Some parents can't get up and go out there and stand with their kids… it's right here in the complex so we don't have to worry about someone speeding through and hitting them."

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