Lakota School District introduces new curriculum

The Lakota School District will be rolling out their new STEAM program on Thursday that is designed to better prepare students for their future but also allows the district to work within their budget.

"The fastest growing careers and the highest demand careers over the next 10 years are in the STEAM fields," said Dr. Lon Stettler, Assistant Superintendent for Lakota Schools. "STEAM is an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the medical field."

School leaders say those areas of study needed to be strengthened in the district. At the elementary level students will begin learning about basic engineering through hands on learning.

"The students are introduced to a variety of engineering positions in different parts of the world and they actually become problem solvers," said Faye Harp with the district's Department of Teaching and Learning.

In seventh grade, students will transition to courses from project lead the way.

The idea is to spark innovation and critical thinking.

District officials say students aren't the only ones benefiting from the program. The new program including equipment, course work and teachers are being paid for by Butler Tech.

That's good for a district that has made more than $15 million  in cuts over the last two years.

"As we are looking at our tight budget times in Lakota, we were able to turn around some positions from Butler Tech," said Stettler.

The program will be implemented in eighth through twelfth grades over the next several years.

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