Tree Trimming Business Stumps Customers

Jeff Learman has a problem.


t's not a pretty sight," said the Deerfield Township man.

Jeff's yard is littered with piles of sawed-off branches. Tree trunks. And stumps. When Jeff hired Custom Tree Experts, aka C&D Tree Service, the Dayton-area business promised to remove four trees and stumps, cut the timber into logs and clean up.

That was on May 14th, after Jeff already paid the company $1,300 cash.

Since then, Jeff's called the company almost daily, but the direlict tree trimmers haven't returned.

Stumped and no where to go, Jeff called FOX 19 for help.

"You generally are pretty effective at getting things done," he told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

First, we found out that Jeff wasn't alone. Turns out that same company failed to remove stumps at two houses down the street from Jeff. Including 84-year-old Walter Gibbs who paid $1,200 just to have one tree and stump removed.

And check this out.

Over the past three years, the Dayton Better Business Bureau, has received over 17 complaints about this company.

FOX 19 called the company - several times - but none of our calls were returned. In the meantime, before you do business with Custom Tree Experts, aka C&D Tree Service, Jeff offers this advice.

"I would say not to hire these guys."

If you're a victim of this company, or are in the tree trimming business and want to help, Tell, Tom (513) 562-3749.