Bob Huggins Suspended

University of Cincinnati Alhletic Director Bob Goin says that he is saddened and his heart is heavy.  He thinks that 3 factors have put unordinary stress on Bob Huggins, 15 winnings seasons, a heart attack and the loss of his mother.  He says that "Bobby" needs time away from a job that he has dedicated his life to and sacrificed time with his family to ensure the success of the program.

Goin says he believes in second chances and is giving Huggins one with conditons.  Goins says he will meet with Huggins and determine how long the suspension with pay will last.  He is confident that this action will keep Bob Huggins the coach at The University Of Cincinnati for years to come.

Huggins at the podium again apologized and says he will meet the condiditons of his superiors. Appearing to fight back tears Huggins says has a great love of the university and the community and he hopes he can complete and do what is asked of him so he can be back with his players. He says he feels terrible because he will not be able to be with them for an extended period of time.