Bob Huggins D-U-I

Police say huggins had red watery eyes...slurred speech...and smelled of alcohol when they pulled him over....they say they found vomit on the driver's side of his car door.  When officers ask him to walk in a straight line, we see huggins stumble.  You can't hear it on the tape, but when officers asked Huggins to recite the alphabet they say he began "e, f, g, h, i , k, l, n, z."  Officers says Huggins told them had been drinking at Martinez restaurant with U-C basketball recruits and their families. He said he didn't know what time he had started.

When huggins gets into the back of the police cruiser, we can hear a conversation between him and the arresting officer.

Huggins: "Excuse me sir, please don't do this to me."

Officer: "I'm not doing anything to you sir."

The officer gets out of the car.

Huggins: "Mother F----- cuffed me. Are you shi----- me?"

When the officer gets back into his cruiser he says something that indicates this is not the first time Huggins has been stopped for a D-U-I but it sounds as though in the past, officers did not press charges.

Huggins: "Sir?"

Officer: "You know we had you before. You know that? We took you home."

Huggins: "No sir."

Officer: "We took you home, remember that?"

Huggins: "No sir."