Dr. Ono welcomes new class of Bearcats

Dr. Santa Ono welcomes new class of UC Bearcats

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Friday morning, Dr. Santa Ono addressed the nearly 6,000 new U.C. freshmen, saying he's excited to take on the roll as interim president.

"I am really pumped to interact with you this year and see you all succeed as much as possible," said Ono. "You have all come to the, and remember these words, hash tag the "hottest college in America".

Dr. Santa Ono welcomed U.C. freshmen with a Twitter reference. It's one of his ways to connect with students.

"The younger generation has actually taught me how to do this," said Ono. "The most important thing for an administrator is to not be disconnected from the community. This is a way I can connect with the student body of more than 42,000."

The previous U.C. Provost says he wants to continue to carry out the academic plan him and Dr. Gregory Williams developed. Ono was surprised when Williams resigned and says he does not know the reason behind his decision.

"I try to move out of that initial stage of surprise to one where I have to serve this community," said Ono.

Ono said he still needs to think about whether he would be interested in becoming the university's next president for years to come.

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