GE Workers Killed in Attack

Five people killed in a suicide car bombing in Baghdad Monday were employees of General Electric or security contractors working with the company, a company spokesman said.  He said three were employees of a wholly-owned GE subsidiary, Granite Services Inc., and the other two were security staff contracted to the company's team in Iraq.  Spokesman Gary Sheffer said he had no further details on the identity or nationality of the five workers.  He said the company had taken extraordinary security measures for employees and those supporting them in Iraq. "We will keep working with the CPA and the Iraqis to protect our people," Sheffer said. "We remain committed to the reconstruction of Iraq."  Monday's bomb killed at least 13 people, five of them foreign contractors in a passing convoy, U.S. officials in Baghdad said.  It was the second suicide bombing in the Iraqi capital in 24 hours and coincided with a wave of assassinations aimed at the new interim government appointed to take over from the U.S.-British occupation authorities on June 30. article text ends