Graduation Tests

Study finds graduation tests are too easy

A new study finds that high school proficiency exams -- including the Ohio Graduation Test -- are too easy and don't measure the skills students will need in college. The nonprofit group Achieve Incorporated, which promotes higher academic standards, rated tests in Ohio and five other states, which together make up nearly a quarter of the nation's high school students. The study determined that the states need to work to make tests harder and require students to answer more questions correctly to pass.

Last week, the State Board of Education approved the scores needed to pass two of the five categories in Ohio's test, which was given for the first time during the just-completed school year. To be considered proficient, students must correctly answer 41 percent of the math questions and 42 percent of the reading questions. Passing rates for the science, social studies and writing sections will be set later this summer.

The class of 2007 will be the first required to pass the new graduation test.