Where's the best place to watch the Cincinnati Bell/WEBN Fireworks?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - For 35 years, people have been staking out their spots to get the best view of Rozzi's Famous Fireworks. This year viewers can expect more of the same.

To find out the best spots to watch the show, FOX19 checked in with viewers on Facebook.

Watching from a hill was voted the least popular option, coming in at six percent.

"We can just hang out on the front porch and look out over top of it and see everything that goes on," Thom Carter said.

Facebook fan Jen Elam agreed, saying her favorite spot is the hill by Glenn O. Swing Elementary in Covington.

The banks of the Ohio River garnered 18 percent of votes, coming in third.

"You have to be on the river to hear the booms and hear everything, watch the crowds," Erin Bowling argued.

Facebook fan Becky Schultz prefers the Newport flood wall in Kentucky.

The second favorite spot to watch Rozzi's famous fireworks isn't for land lovers.

Timmy Wesselman says the best place he's found is on a boat on the water and 30 percent of viewers agreed.

"Probably from my grandma's boat," young Annabel Bowling said with a smile. "We watch them go boom."

Kenny Simmons says the B&B Riverboat is the best way to rock the night way. Floating across from Montgomery Inn is another fan's favorite.

The number one spot viewers voted to watch the show may come as a surprise.

"From my living room," Jack Bresser said with a laugh. "It's comfortable and not a lot of traffic going home,"

Forty-six percent of viewers say they prefer to grab the remote and turn on FOX19 as well.

Laura Conway says her family gets in their pjs and watches the fireworks in HD from their sectional sofa.

Then again, some of the best spots may never make FOX19's list.

Cathy Kavanaugh is keeping hers a secret, saying soon as they are over she's home by 11 p.m.

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