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Look out for an oven with a mind of its own

Jeannie Hollar came home one day and couldn't believe what she saw when she walked into the kitchen and approached her stove.

"The burners were on," said Hollar. "They were glowing red!"

She had a sneaky suspicion who was at fault.

"Well, I blamed my children and they blamed each other," said Hollar.

Her children were proven innocent when something else happened a few months later. The Hollar family was eating dinner when something to began to smell and the room started getting warm. Hollar check the stove top. The burners were off, but the heat was still building.

She then opened the oven door and says she felt heat like never before. Her son reached for the fire extinguisher while her daughter ran to her room to get her stuffed animals.

"She thought the house was going to burn down," said Hollar. "I kept hitting, off, off, off trying to get the oven off.

It wouldn't turn off until her husband ran downstairs and turned off the breaker.

"I don't feel safe with this stove in my home," said Hollar.

As it turns out, she shouldn't have felt safe. Parts of her Frigidaire range, manufactured by Electrolux, were under recall. The company had received 70 reports of unexpected heating problems. Three of the cases resulted in fires. The Hollars had no idea until they called the company to explain what had happened.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission's website puts out notices nearly everyday on recalls for everything from baby strollers to bicycles to ovens.

You have a better chance of finding out about those recalls if you fill out and send in the product registration card. The information cannot be used for marketing and your privacy is protected. Companies can use the information to contact impacted customers.

CPSC says 15 million appliances have been recalled in the past five years over fire concerns.

Hollar was told relay switches for her stove were under recall, but the oven which had also shown a mind of its own, was not. She had to write a check for nearly $300 to get those parts replaced.

Electrolux quickly refunded the repair costs, but that wasn't all. The company launched an investigation into the oven malfunction and sent a pair of high-level engineers to the Hollar home. A company spokesperson says the engineers discovered an issue separate from the recall that warrants further inspection.

"They understood why I was concerned," said Hollar. "They were concerned about the safety."

"Consumer safety is our top priority," said Electrolux in a written statement. "We sincerely apologize for Mrs. Hollar's inconvenience and thank her for her patience."

Electrolux is going to pick up the range at the Hollar home and send it to the company's Technology Center in Tennessee.

"They are going to replace this unit with a new one," said Hollar. "I thank them for that."

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