Harrison residents complain to council about street repair problems

Harrison leaders meet with residents to talk street conditions

HARRISON, OH (FOX19) - Harrison residents met with city leaders Tuesday night to voice their concerns over street issues.

The Harrison City Council is holding a two day meet-and-greet with residents asking them to come to the Community Center and complain about road problems.

About a dozen people attended the meeting, with the majority living on Miller Court. Neighbors said Miller Court is a quiet cul-de-sac that transforms into a small pond when it rains.

"I've been there like 12 years and I've never seen them ever repair our street," said April Coon.

City leaders said Harrison has actually benefited from the recent recession

"A lot of the bids that come in, come in about 40 percent lower than we expect them to," said council member, Randy Shank. "People who are out there who are contractors, they're anxious to the business."

With more bang for their buck, residents can expect more road projects to be completed.

"Now we're starting to look at some of the roads that need to get taken care of and we're going after them," said Shank.

Harrison city leaders said they've used some of the most creative ways to finding funding for their street projects.

But at some point, the well runs dry.

"I wish I had enough money to do all the projects right now. That's just not the real world," said Shank.

If you missed the Tuesday's meeting, city leaders will meet again Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. at the Harrison Community Center on George Street.

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